Infrastructure Development in Kabwe Health Centers

Year: 2016
Country: Zambia
Project Investment: $3,750.00
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Health

Project Launch:

Kabwe Health Center serves a local population of over 11,000. The health center is the only centralized health facility in the area and offers outpatient services, houses a small pharmacy, and possesses an in-house laboratory. Despite this, the facility is located in a converted single story house. It is very overburdened and, due to lack of space, is unable to provide maternity services (including delivery) or antiretroviral drug therapy to HIV-positive individuals, a significant limitation as one eighth of the country's adult population is HIV-positive. The center's lack of modernization and containment means that biohazardous waste often enters the local community, presenting a danger to local residents. This project proposes the construction of an incinerator to destroy biohazardous waste as well as a placenta pit to properly dispose of afterbirth. This will facilitate the completion of the maternity ward which is under construction.

Progress Update: 3/21/2017

The community has secured all of the materials for the incinerator and the placenta pit. Three contractors submitted quotes and the community chose a villager to complete the construction. The foundation was laid for both projects and the structures are nearly complete.

Final Report: 3/27/2017

The incinerator and placenta pit have been installed and the project closed within budget. The maternity ward will now open with the necessary infrastructure to dispose of biohazardous waste and medical refuse, reducing contamination of local environments.


"It has been very encouraging to be a part of this project during my Peace Corps Response service. I have seen the community rally around their health clinic in order to make this project possible. With this construction complete the clinic will be one step closer to opening their labor and delivery ward. After working in Zambia for almost a year, it can be easy to be discouraged by the problems the women face when it comes to maternal health. Development is slow and it requires a lot of patience. But the opportunity to watch this community work hard and remain motivated has been the best experience of my service." - Sara, Peace Corps Volunteer

"I think this project has been very successful. The community has worked really hard to contribute and ensure the construction stayed on schedule. At the district medical office we are proud of this community and their dedication to maternal health and infection prevention." - Nora, Project Leader

"The incinerator project came at the right time because as we finished the maternity wing block the incinerator was also needed. There was no way we could open this maternity ward without the incinerator because in order to prevent infection, we have to burn the placenta and other waste." - Agribar, Project Participant

"I am eight months pregnant and this is my first child. I am happy to see the work that is being done and the incinerator project. We will appreciate when the maternity ward has opened." - Umuche, Project Participant

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