Muyukay: Be Like the Seed

Year: 2023
Country: Ecuador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $5,190.00

Project Launch: 1-31-24

The Intercultural Seed Network is made up of primarily indigenous farmers in the northern Andes of Ecuador who are deeply committed to the revitalization and promotion of indigenous agricultural techniques and relation to the earth. This project aims to create income and sustainability for rural farmer families through the creation of an organic seed bank in three indigenous Kichwa communities. Farmers will receive technical training on the creation, maintenance and cultivation of organic seeds. Once produced, all organic seeds will be purchased at a fair price by a guaranteed, previously-agreed-upon buyer. Within the first cycle of seed cultivation (which equates to 1 year), farmers will receive an approximate 40% increase in their income through seed sales. This project aims to create a sustainable income for farmers who prioritize the preservation and practice of indigenous Kichwa agricultural techniques.

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