Namanjalala Maternity Ward Development Project

Year: 2013
Country: Kenya
Project Investment: $6,120.88
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Health

Project Launch:

Namanjalala Village is a community of 17,000 people nestled near the base of Mount Elgon in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. The community struggles with high levels of poverty, poor sanitation, a lack of health services, and high rates of water-borne illness. This project will bring medical equipment, increased water access, and more hygienic facilities to the area's rural health clinic, the Namanjalala Dispensary, focused particularly on improving the clinic's ability to provide safe, sterile, and affordable childbirth to mothers. The goals of the project are to reduce infant and maternal mortality, reduce the incidence of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, and to improve the ratio of clinic to home deliveries in Namanjalala Village.

Project Update

The maternity ward is renovated and re-opened. All the equipment has been purchased and mothers and facility staff have hygienic facilities on site, including a bathroom for mothers to wash in after delivery. The facility now has clean water, which is available through a new piped water structure. Currently, 25 mothers are registered at the ward, 75 partake in family planning services, and 120 women are receiving important information regarding maternal and child health, hygiene, and sanitation. Since the ward just re-opened, these numbers are expected to increase.



"I am so excited to be the first to deliver my baby in the new maternity wing! The timing was for my birth was truly a work of God. I felt better knowing that I was assisted by people who were trained and could take care of me if anything were to go wrong! Thank you! Brittnee is a healthy baby girl and will be the first of many babies to be delivered here I am sure!" - Nancy, Project Beneficiary
"Thank you for bringing these equipment. The birth of my baby was better than the last one at home. I felt safe and I am blessed by God for a healthy baby girl!" - Margret, Project Beneficiary
"I was so pleased to deliver the first baby in the new maternity ward here in Namanjalala. The new equipment has made my work so much easier, safe, and sterile. I can't wait to be seeing more healthy babies and mamas in the dispensary now!" - Nurse Igoe
"The equipments are beautiful and we are so grateful to have such things in our dispensary. We look forward to serving as many mothers as possible who come through our doors!" - Angela, Project Leader
"I am thrilled at how the project is going. The materials reached the clinic and were put to use right away with the first baby being born just days later! The community has really pulled together for the planning of the water project and it is so exciting for me and the community to watch this project come to life and influence people the way it has! Also, having the first two babies born be names Brittnee was a pretty amazing feeling!" - Peace Corps Volunteer Brittnee