Our Education and Health Matters

Year: 2019
Country: Comoros
Project Investment: $315.05
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch: 3-28-19

The project aims is to enhance the condition under which students learn, through the construction of two latrines and a hand washing station. Currently, 200 students and 15 teachers attend a school without access to a toilet or running water. The present solution is for the male students at the school to use the beach behind the school as a urinal. However, female students cannot do the same. Every month, a female student misses at least five days of school due to the lack of gender-sensitive and culturally appropriate latrines. The construction of two latrines will solve the lack of access to a toilet and other related problems such as poor academic performances, teacher productivity, and dropout rates. In addition, this project will provide access to suitable and sustainable water and sanitation facilities and appropriate hygiene practices. The school anticipates that the number of female students missing school during their menstrual cycle will decrease by at least 50%. World Connect is not fundraising for this project at the request of or on behalf of Peace Corps. 

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