Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Year: 2019
Country: Ghana
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $1,358.27

Project Launch: 7-23-19

The Lamashegu community is the home of three junior high schools whose campuses are often used as dumping grounds. Littering and open defecation on the school compounds have led to an increased incidence of disease. According to the Community Hospital, an average of 20 cases of cholera, diarrhoea and typhoid fever are recorded each day. The situation has impacted the academic atmosphere of the students and created an unsafe environment for learning. The Lamashegu Community Impact Initiative, an organization that aims to improve community sanitation, plans to tackle this problem with workshops, campaigns and community clean ups. The workshops will educate 1000 to 2000 community members on how to safely conduct a community clean up and how to build a culture that leads to a safe and clean environment. The project will have a major impact on community health, create a safer environment for all three schools, and make a lasting impact on the environment and culture of Lamashegu. 

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