Peanut Butter Production & Business Group Livelihood Training

Year: 2015
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $1,584.52

Project Launch:

This project aims to improve women’s livelihoods by training 115 women to launch a peanut butter production business. During a 3-day training period, the participants will learn how to make peanut butter using local ingredients, as well as engage in workshops focused on product development, business planning, and marketing strategies. At the end of the training, the group will develop a business plan and apply for legal status, allowing them to sell in formal markets and become eligible for future training and financial assistance from the Philippine government.

Project Update

The women attended the 3-day training, which focused on business and marketing, peanut butter production and packaging, and proper sanitation and hygiene protocols. A representative from the Department of Trade and Industry and a local entrepreneur with her own peanut butter business gave speeches during the trainings, offering insights, tips, advice and resources. The women produced 40 bottles of peanut butter during the training, which they have already sold. The women split into two groups and have applied to be formally licensed under the Department of Labor and Employment, allowing them to be formally recognized as a local business and to have access to additional funding opportunities and business trainings.


"It has been rewarding to see the women transform from beneficiaries merely being recipients of welfare money, whom always depend on the Municipal links to do things for them, to taking control of their business." - Marisa, Peace Corps Volunteer

"This will become a big contribution to the family because it will increase the income of the family whenever they will use it for other necessities. For the women, this will also be a big help because they will have an occupation and can help their husbands with extra income for their family." - Project Participant