Peruvian career and higher education fair

Year: 2012
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $913.38

Project Launch:

Olmos is one of the fastest growing districts of Northern Peru and is seeing an influx of new wealth, people and infrastructure project. With the improving conditions and general societal changes, high school students are beginning to dream big and explore higher education and career opportunities. However, due to the lack of experience with higher education in the district, many students do not know where to find information about the opportunities that exist for them, and are therefore under-prepared to pursue these opportunities. This project will bring together representatives of more than 30 universities and technical schools for a higher education and career fair that will be attended by more than 500 secondary school students throughout the region. The fair will take place alongside the town's important, annual Festival de Limon, ensuring that parents and families will also be able to access information alongside the students.