Pig Farming for Vulnerable Women in Runda sector of Kamonyi District

Year: 2024
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $703.13

Project Launch: 2-8-24

With funding from World Connect Rwanda, Girls' Dignity for Nation and the community have chosen to establish a pig farming business that will provide long-term economic self-sufficiency for a group of 40 women parents in Kabagesera cell. The project aims to sustain the daily expenses of the women, alleviate poor living conditions of rural parents, and bridge the demand-supply gap in the pork meat market. The primary activities that will take place under the proposed project are the construction of a pig house (piggery) and the purchase of eight piglets. The pig farming business will generate ongoing revenue through the sale of piglets, young pigs, adult pigs, and cull pigs. 
The establishment of the pig farming business will support education for the children of the women, train the women and parents on pig farming as an income-generating activity, create employment opportunities, provide manure to increase crop production and reduce malnutrition

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