Year: 2022
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $4,936.49

Project Launch: 1-17-23

Kawo is a community in Kaduna North Local Government in Kaduna state. It has an estimated population of over 357,694 people. It also hosts one of the major marketss in Kaduna North known as "Kasuwan Kawo." The main source of income are hawking, trading, and selling. One of the major challanges in this community is that many of the young girls, contribute to their families income by hawking before and after school. This project addresses this challange by providing secondary school girls with entrepreneurship skills, that will provide them an opportunity to generate income. This project will renovate a classrom and create a hub in the school,where the girls can access tools, equpiment and machinery. After the completion of the hub an entrepreneurship club will be established in the school for the girls. 70 girls will be trained on fashion designing, shoe and bag making and catering.


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