Chimpumbulu Primary School Teachers' Housing Project

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $4,036.30

Project Launch: 12-31-19

With this grant, the Legacy Foundation will construct a female teacher’s house at Chimpumbulu Primary School. This will motivate girls to study at the school as they will have a role model and someone to advocate for their safety and needs. This project will benefit 675 students who will have easy access to a female teacher staying within the school premises.

Project Update: 2-27-20

Three months after funding, Legacy Foundation in collaboration with Chimpumbulu Primary School Management Committee have constructed the much needed teachers’ house up to roofing level. With the five roomed house (includes 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a storeroom and a kitchen) building fully raised, what remains is roofing, plastering, and flooring to have the house fully completed. Through the project, Legacy Foundation will also construct a toilet before the house is ready for occupation by the female teacher as planned. The project has drawn increased participation from community members who have provided all locally available materials even beyond the required community contributions leading to increased speed of implementation and easy handling of challenges identified along the way.  World Connect Malawi Team visited the project and were impressed with the high levels of unity of purpose from the community surrounding the school. The project will improve delivery of lessons by the teachers who reside far from the school currently.

Final Report:

With $4,036.30 investment from World Connect, Legacy Foundation partnered with Chimpumbulu Primary School Management committee to construct a five roomed female teacher’s house at Chimpumbulu Primary School, in Rural Lilongwe.  The completion of this female teacher house has increased the number of teachers living at the school and led to improvement in classes starting on time. In addition, the project has helped to take off the pressure of having one (1) teacher tending to eight (8) classes on the days where other teachers from afar cannot make it early enough due to other conditions such as rain. This development is set to improve the quality of education at the school as well as female students' performance as they have a role model  they can look up to everyday. 

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