Promoting youth employment Creation through provision of Infrastructural and technical support in Livestock production

Year: 2022
Country: Malawi
Project Investment: $4,998.46
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Economic Opportunity

Project Launch: 4-20-22

Associated Center for Agro-based Development and Entrepreneurship Support (ACADES) will partner with Gaba Youth Club in a project that is aimed at empowering the youth in Msundwe village, Lilongwe district. Using a $4, 998.46 grant from World Connect, the youth will set up a commercial pig production and processing site where they will raise pigs, slaughter and  process pork into well cut steak and ribs and later sell to final consumers. The revenue generated from the project will be shared among the members and also reinvested into the project to ensure sustainability. Additionally, participants will use the manure to improve the agricultural production of their crops.

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