Reading Oasis: Cultivating Reading Skills by Providing Reading Havens

Year: 2017
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $4,361.58

Project Launch: 1-3-18

The primary purpose of the Reading Oasis project is to develop and improve students’ reading habits and skills by providing them with a comfortable and welcoming space to read. The high school’s regular reading spaces—libraries and reading centers—have been turned into classrooms to accommodate rapid school population growth, and teachers and students no longer have access to areas that provide a positive reading environment. The Reading Oasis project will build a structure that resembles a bahay kubo, a traditional Philippine house made from native materials, and will help students regain ownership and interest in reading by providing the students and teachers with a quiet, uncrowded area for reading. Additionally, the Reading Oasis will house the school’s new, peer-tutoring reading program, the Readers’ Club, as well as other reading-related programs and activities to help cultivate the students' interest in reading.

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