Refurbishment of Asaman M/A Basic School

Year: 2023
Country: Ghana
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $5,901.79

Project Launch: 12-1-23

The Asaman Basic School Management Committee will co-invest with World Connect in a project to refurbish the Asaman M/A Basic School and add access to water. Firstly, the project will refurbish a three unit classroom block and a staff common room that will serve students and teachers at the school. The current state of the infrastructure at the school poses potential dangers to both staff and students, hence the majority of the funds will be used to repair floors, walls, windows and doors of all structures.  Secondly, the project will install a water tank within the school premises to enhance easy access to quality water services among the students and teachers and surrounding community members. All of these activities are aimed at providing a conducive learning environment to students at the school, while ensuring that teachers equally have a space to collaborate, plan lessons and share resources, which will contribute to the overall improvement of teaching and learning quality.  

Project Update: 4-19-24

The project was developed to  create a safe and conducive learning environment for both students and teachers leading to enhanced teaching and learning experience as well as  increased  enrolment at the school.  Four months after funding, renovation of ceiling, electrical and windows have been completed.  Additionally, a water tank and other materials for completing the work have been successfully procured.  Once completed, the school is expected to increase student enrollment from 08 to 225 with 13 teachers also enjoying the conducive teaching environment. A total of 400 community members are expected to  gain access to clean and safe water reducing their chances of getting water related diseases