Rehabilitation of Local Water Pipeline

Year: 2020
Country: Rwanda
Project Investment: $5,108.95
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Health

Project Launch: 12-31-20

With this World Connect grant, the Abatiganda (courageous people) community organization plan to rehabilitate a 3km water pipeline in Kariha village that was damaged in 2016. Without the pipeline, women and children have taken on the burden of fetching water for household use. Once the pipeline is repaired, waterborne illnesses will become less prevalent. Without spending as much time collecting water, childrens' academic performance will improve and school droupout rates will decrease. The rehabilitation of this water pipeline will include the fixing of water leakage at the source, excavation of trench, buying and installation of new pipes, backfilling the trench, building three water taps and repairing water tanks. The community will contribute 33% of the cost of the project in community cash, labor, and in-kind contributions. 

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