Renovating two teacher’s houses and constructing one change room and 5 toilets at Sosola Primary School

Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $3,785.38

Project Launch: 10-12-21

With $3,785.38, Child Focus Organization will renovate two teacher’s houses and construct sanitary facilities for students at Sosola Primary School. The teacher’s houses will be renovated by fixing walls, replacing iron sheets, painting and installing doors and windows. Further, the project will construct a change room to enhance girls menstrual management and five latrines for 471 female and 445 male students at the school to reduce spread of diseases which are rampant at the school due to inadequate sanitary facilities. Once completed, the project will increase the number of teachers accommodated at the school from three to five and enhance lesson preparation.

Project Update: 10-26-21

Two months after receiving a $3,785.38 grant from World Connect, Child Focus Organisation in conjunction with the community have completed renovating two teacher’s houses with one house already occupied showing how high the need was at the school. Additionally, they have completed digging and started the construction of one change room for girls and five latrines for boys and girls at Sosola Primary School in Balaka. After completion of the project, two teachers will reside on campus increasing attention to learners as they will not be walking long distances to school. Nine hundred and sixteen (916 ) learners will directly benefit from the  change room and latrines being constructed enhancing hygiene and sanitation at the school. The community believes that the availability of these sanitary spaces will reduce disease outbreaks experienced yearly at the school.