Renovation of a Classroom Block at Naminga Primary School

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $3,602.74

Project Launch: 7-22-20

Justin Water Users Association together with the Naminga community will renovate a classroom block at Naminga Primary School in Machinga District. The existing structure was damaged by Tropical Cyclone Idai in November 2019. This grant will support the community in rebuilding the floor, roof, and walls. Once completed, it will be used by over 200 students out of the 1,220 that currently learn under a tree. This project will provide a conducive learning environment to the students which is expected to reduce absenteeism and improve classroom performance in the long run. 

Project Update: 12-31-20

The renovation of a classroom block at Naminga primary school project is about 95% complete. The $3,602.74 project has renovated a two-roomed classroom block at the primary school, providing a safe learning environment for the 200 learners at the school every year The completion of this project will increase the number of classrooms at the school to six (6) which is expected to reduce the percentage of absenteeism as students are often discouraged by the unsafe classrooms especially in the rainy season as the classrooms leak. The community has been very dedicated in this project making sure they honor both their cash and in-kind contributions by providing local available materials such as sand, bricks, water, and security of the procured materials. They have also ensured increased day to day participation and supervision which has led to quick and smooth implementation of the project.

Final Report: 11-30-21

Using the $3,602.74, Justin Water Users Association has renovated a two-roomed classroom block at Naminga Primary school, bringing the total number of classrooms to six (6). The school has 1,122 pupils  out of which 160 are now benefiting from this project. The project has improved the appearance of the school as well as provided a conducive learning environment for the learners  at the school. The renovation of the block has brought positive changes at the school as they have seen a 10% drop in absenteeism followed by a 5% increase in enrolment compared to the previous academic year. As stated by the head teacher Mr. Anderson Sapangwa The project has seen an increase in enrolment of learners at Naminga school in both sections, infant, Junior and senior. The other impact area is the reduction in absenteeism of learners both during sunny and rainy seasons as learners used to learn on open grounds or under trees where they were exposed to harsh weather conditions. Teachers are also able to keep their teaching materials in a safe and secure environment where they cannot be destroyed by passers-by as they have lockable rooms.”