Retire Forward: Harvestify

Year: 2018
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $4,980.82

Project Launch: 12-13-18

Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava globally but among the lowest exporter of cassava products due to the lack of access to processing facilities, especially in rural communities. Despite the fact that cassava products are heavily demanded within the country, more than 75% of cassava produced annually ends up as waste. This leads to loss of income, lack of ecological sustainability, and a lack of poverty reduction.

Retire Forward: Harvestify seeks to reduce cassava post-harvest loss sustainably by installing Smart Cassava Processing Factories in two local communities in Nigeria with the capacity of processing 2 tons of cassava daily. This project will be community-driven and strictly run by community members with supervision from local leaders. Communities will become permanent owners of the processing factories after remitting construction costs to Retire Forward. Residents will not pay upfront to process their cassava as they will only pay after selling the products in the market. Women will also be connected to new market opportunities to vend cassava products. 


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