SOS Low Ropes Course

Year: 2016
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $1,793.24

Project Launch: 7-1-16

This project will take place in partnership with SOS Children’s Village in Iloilo, which provides long-term care to orphaned, neglected and abused children. By installing an outdoor low ropes course on the SOS property, caretakers and staff will have a ready opportunity to engage resident, at-risk youth in interactive, dynamic and challenging activities that require trust, team building, problem solving, and critical thinking. Resident youth leaders will also be trained to lead outside groups, such as school groups or employees of local companies, to complete the ropes course for a small fee, as a revenue generating activity for SOS Children’s Village.

Final Report: 9/9/2016

The low ropes course was fully constructed and a successful execution means the staff of SOS Children's Village are confident repeating the youth leadership exercises independently in the future. There are plans to host future groups of children and permit them to complete the course for a nominal fee, allowing the site to generate modest revenue to care for its resident children.


"This project has built everyone's confidence. The youth facilitators, the staff and the participants. I believe it will continue to do so for years to come. The skills that the youth facilitators have learned (leadership, team building, problem solving) are invaluable and will help them in the future when they get out of SOS." - Merrill, Peace Corps Volunteer

"This was so fun. When can we do it again?" - Louie, Project Beneficiary

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