Safe Delivery, Secure Future

Year: 2016
Country: Cambodia
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $637.07

Project Launch:

Roka Po Pram Bhi Health Center provides health services to the entire commune with a large focus on improving maternal health; the 24/7 health center delivers the most babies in the entire province. A new maternity ward was recently built but is too far from a local water source, preventing the center from having adequate access to running water. As a result of this project, the health center will install two water tanks as well as a functional water filtration system. By providing running water to the delivery room, pregnant women will have a safe and sanitary environment throughout the delivery process. Overall, this project aims to improve quality of care and discourage women from dangerous home births by equipping the ward with running water and training village health workers.

Progress Update: 9/28/2016

Village health workers have been trained in how to educate the public about positive hygiene and sanitation practices, interfacing with residents in door-to-door education campaigns. Construction on the new water system continues.

Final Report: 11/30/2016

The water tanks have been installed and there is now clean water available to the staff and patients at the health center. More than 300 pregnant women will benefit from the potable water now available in the delivery room this year alone, meaning that more mothers and babies will have safe and healthy births.


"Developing this project has really made me realize how many communal issues could be resolved with proper hygiene and sanitation.  It has also lead me to realize how many people are unaware of the consequences of drinking unsanitary water and not properly washing their hands after using the restroom.  The young generations are the true leaders of the future, and this is where the heart of behavior change begins." - Lindsay, Peace Corps Volunteer

"The water tank has improved sanitation in the delivery room and the midwives are able to properly clean their equipment after deliveries." - Soy, Project Leader

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