Sanitation, Latrine Building and Disease Prevention in Malem Thialene

Year: 2015
Country: Senegal
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $2,294.79

Project Launch:

This project aims to improve sanitation and hygiene in Malem Thialene, a community in Senegal that has an estimated population of 800 but only has six functioning bathrooms. Since there are no bathrooms at the local schools, it is common for students to be absent when suffering from illnesses and diarrheal diseases. This project will lead to the installation of latrines at both schools and in numerous households throughout the community, to improve sanitation and reduce the transmission of diseases. Participating households and students will also participate in sanitation and hand washing workshops.

Project Update

30 latrines have been successfully completed and the participating families were trained on proper latrine care and maintenance, hygiene, sanitation, and basic germ theory. With the addition of latrines, the Malem Thialene community is dedicated to improving sanitation and hygiene and promoting WASH activities at the local level to reduce the transmission of disease.


"Now everyone has a latrine. There used to be one here, but it broke down before it reached a year old. These latrines are beautiful and will last a long time." - Project Participant 

"Before this project only 4 older men had latrines, but this is better." - Project Leader

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