School Malaria Surveillance

Year: 2016
Country: Togo
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $431.37

Project Launch: 8-6-17

Malaria remains a leading cause of death and morbidity in Togo, especially among schoolchildren. Blood serum panels reveal the majority of the population shows signs of present or past infection and malaria remains a threat to all communities in Togo, both rural and urban. Local epidemiological projects have proven a pivotal tool in malaria response, enabling doctors and public health workers to identify areas of high malaria prevalance and reduce transmission of the illness. This project seeks to develop a surveillance and response program in a rural community in Togo experiencing high rates of malarial infection and high rates of intervention non-use (bed nets). Addressing the issue head on, the goal of this program is to reduce illness and death from malaria, providing local residents and the children in particular the opportunity to live their days in good health.

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