School Rainwater Tank Project

Year: 2014
Country: Kenya
Project Investment: $1,139.07
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Health

Project Launch:

This project is based at the Magunga Township Secondary School in Nyanza Province, Kenya. The school is located in a very rural area, often plagued by transportation and water shortage challenges. During the dry season, students are forced to use the very limited supply of dirty water collected from a stream located 5 kilometers from the school, the same source of water used by the greater community when their own rainwater reserves have run dry. This water is used for bathing, cleaning, drinking, and cooking. As a result, the students and staff regularly suffer from diarrhea, giardia, cholera and typhoid.


The goal of this project is to give the school the means to collect up to 10,000 liters of rainwater every rainy season, to be used by the students and staff throughout the school year. With proper maintenance and care, which is an important component of this project, the rainwater collection tank can be used for more than 20 years, providing access to water for potentially thousands of students in the coming years.


Project Update

The tank has been purchased and transported to the school. Once the piping is extended and the gutters are fixed, the water tank will be fully operating.


Project Testimonials

"The tank will help us get water to drink, wash, and cook food, especially during the drought. The tank will be very helpful." - Asunta, 16, Student


"The tank will really help us access water, which has been a great challenge. Without water, we are unable to clean our plates after eating, which exposes us to diseases. We usually have to walk 2 kilometers to get water from a seasonal stream, which takes up a lot of our study time." - Felix, 15, Student

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