S/he Innovates

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $7,552.26

Project Launch: 6-7-19

The “S/he Innovates Project” implemented by STATUS Innovations aims at building youth productivity by introducing an innovation hub in the Chibavi community in Northern Malawi. 35 young women and 15 young men between the ages of 14 to 25 will be mobilized into groups and trained in tailoring, hairdressing and basic Information Communication and Technology (ICT) services. After successful completion of the training, STATUS  will provide them with tailoring, hairdressing and ICT startup tools to facilitate establishment of small scale businesses. The groups will be taught business management skills for them to successfully and profitably manage their businesses. The project is expected to reduce unemployment and drug and alcohol abuse among the youth in the community. 


Project Update: 11-30-19

Status has established a training hub with three sections of tailoring and design, hairdressing and saloon and Information Communication and Technology (ICT). Housed in one building  but different rooms in Chibavi, the three sections have all been equiped with necessary equipment to aid the training of 35 students who have been selected following community engagements. Out of the 35, three are young people living with disabilities. Once they graduate, the trainees are expected to form groups where they will receive start-up materials to help them start businesses of their choice. 

Final Report: 6-10-20

With a $7,552.26 World Connect investment, Status Innovation have successfully established a skills innovation center fully equipped with tailoring, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and hairdressing equipment in Chibavi township in Mzuzu. Using the hub, 21 young people have graduated, three of them living with disabilities. The graduates completed a six months training in which they acquired business and entrepreneurship skills, financial management skills, tailoring and design, ICT and hairdressing skills. Using the skills gained, six registered group businesses have been established focusing on tailoring and design, hairdressing and printing, typing, photocopying and graphic design.

In addition to the initial group, Status Innovation trained 15 additional young people in tailoring and hairdressing. The hub offered free barbering services to 65 primary school students from the community to reduce barbaring costs for families and encourage them to stay in school. The hub has gained recognition in the community and has enrolled 28 women and girls as their second cohort. The tailoring students are producing cloth masks to help the community to fight the spread of COVID-19. They have made 500 masks to date, selling some and distributing others for free. 

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