Rent-To-Own Solar Devices for Farmer and Fisherfolk Organization

Year: 2016
Country: Philippines
Project Investment: $4,738.32
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Economic Opportunity

Project Launch: 7-1-16

This project will supply a local farmer and fisherfolk organization in San Agustin, Philippines with solar lighting devices to supplement their electrical usage, reduce their electrical bills and allow for illumination during frequent brownouts which will enable them to be more productive. Through a Rent-to-Own program, the organization will require monthly payments for the solar device for rent, and over time, the renter can potentially own the device.

Progress Update: 9/12/2016

The first batch of solar devices have bene obtained, demoed, and brought back to the community from Manila. Several fishfolk organization representatives traveled to the Philippine capital to meet with the vendor and try out the solar lights personally. Acquisition and transport of the rest of the devices continues.

Final Report: 9/19/2016

Final batch of solar devices was sold and purchased by members of the community. The new financial model in use for ownership is Pay-It-Forward, modified when it became clear that financial sustainability would be jeopardized by the earlier scheme. While it is too early to consider whether the solar lights have reduced costs among all users, many participants expect significant savings using these devices.

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