Supporting Education in Cambodia: Library, Office, and Clean Drinking Water Project

Year: 2018
Country: Cambodia
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $14,996.00

Project Launch: 4-30-19

National Reading Day in Cambodia is March 11. Despite recognition from the government that reading is a critical skill, the Khnach Romeas Secondary School lacks a space to support their 721 students in improving their reading abilities. In addition, the school does not have a proper space for their 30 teachers to meet, collaborate, lesson plan, grade assignments and exams, and brainstorm ideas to update the curriculum. The Khnach Romeas Secondary School is seeking a grant to construct two spaces, a library and an office. The library will promote literacy access and cultivate a reading culture at the school. It will also serve as a welcoming space for students to spend their time. The office will allow teachers and staff to support each other and accomplish all aspects of their work as instructors and school leaders.

The Kors Ream Primary School has a reputation in the community for their commitment to hygiene education. They developed and implemented hygiene curriculum in their school. They also organized and led conferences in the commune for all teachers to attend which resulted in every school teaching their own hygiene curriculum. The director and teachers have communicated concern regarding the health of their 432 students due to the lack of clean drinking water. The consequences are waterborne illnesses that result in poor health and the inability to fulfill their educational needs. The Kors Ream Primary School is seeking a grant to implement a strategy for clean drinking water by means of a biosand water filter.

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