Year: 2023
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $9,636.30

Project Launch: 1-10-24

The Kid Extraordinary with $5,077.78 World Connect funds will implement a six months Teens Leadership project targeting underserved children aged 10-17 in Waterfront Makoko, Lagos. The project will provide a comprehensive leadership education in both English and Egun languages. Firstly, a dynamic leadership hub that will accommodate up to 30 learners at once will be established and will be used to showcase inspiring documentaries of successful global Makoko indigenes. The center will also be used as a curated library for summarized key leadership books and it will help to facilitate interactive sessions through pre-recorded videos. In addition,  the project seeks to empower children with vital skills while showcasing positive role models as community impact minded leaders. Powered by solar energy, the hub will have multimedia capabilities, offering an engaging and empowering learning experience.

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