Thiargny Health Post Renovation and New Maternity Ward

Year: 2015
Country: Senegal
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $6,179.66

Project Launch:

Thiargny is a small, rural village in the region of Louga, and the local health post serves Thiargny as well as six neighboring villages and various satellite villages. The health post currently has one recovery room with a total of five beds, which results in sick patients and expectant or new mothers often sharing the same beds or being forced to lay on the floor, significantly risking the spread of illness. The facility is simply unequipped to accommodate the high number of patients it serves.

This project will remodel the health post by creating two recovery rooms, one for sick patients and one exclusively for new mothers, as well as a primary waiting room. Furthermore, the floors and walls will be tiled, the leaky roof will be fixed, screens will be placed in the doors and windows, and the entire structure will be repainted. The objective of the project is to increase the capacity and effectiveness of the health post by providing more space for patients and improving its sanitation and security situation.

Project Update

The renovations have transformed the capacity of the health post to meet the needs of the community, particularly due to the new waiting room which separates sick patients from pregnant women and also provides space for educational talks. The new vaccination room, which was previously a storage facility, allows for more children to be vaccinated and the new maternity ward has drawn women in from surrounding villages because there is no longer a risk of contracting infectious diseases while recovering from birth. The remodeled facilities are cleaner, easier to disinfect, and have streamlined the process of getting in to see the doctor. The health post staff are now focused on building out the hut’s educational outreach programs and have dedicated Saturdays to vaccinations, growth monitoring, and childhood nutrition workshops.


"This is a very important project for the people of Thiargny. In order to develop as a community, we must first take care of our health." - Birame, Project Leader

"Before men and women were put together in rooms. Now there will be separate rooms for men and women who come in sick. Women will also have a safer place to give birth and recover." - Fatimata, Project Participant

"Before, the health post was unclean. People went because they trusted the doctors and needed medicine, but no one felt comfortable there. Now it's clean and beautiful and the people know that when they go they will be well taken care of." - Project Participant

The people of Thiargny are so thankful for the new health post. Everyone in the community and outside the community is talking about the improvements to the health post. People no longer feel like they need to travel to Linguere or Dhara to get medical help, because now the local health post is able to care for their health." - Project Participant

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