Thoza Youth Skills Development Project-Scale up

Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $3,737.63

Project Launch: 9-17-21

The Thoza Youth Skills Development Scale up project intends to build a working shelter and provide additional materials for the twelve members of the youth group. In addition to the working space, materials such as hand saws, g-clamps, s-clamps, planes, timber and others will be supplied to enhance efficiency and quality of timber being produced by the group for sale. A total of 12 youth have for the past year attained carpentry skills aimed at improving their economic livelihood. The absence of a working shelter however has often forced the group to shut down their operations during extreme weather conditions. With the shelter and additional resources, the youth will be able to produce quality furniture all year round which will also boost their sales and increase the income generated thereby  improving their households economic conditions.

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