Making Baking Make Cents

Year: 2014
Country: El Salvador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $500.00

Project Launch:

In 2014, World Connect launched Making Baking Make Cents, a project to provide business, leadership and technical training to women in El Salvador. Equipped with skills through their trainings and bread making classes, the women have successfully opened up a bakery. As the bakery expands, there is a greater need for more trained employees and advanced equipment. This project will increase the capacity of the bakery by training four additional women and purchasing a baking cylinder. Currently, the bakers knead all the dough by hand. The baking cylinder rapidly and efficiently kneads dough of all kinds and will allow the bakers to decrease production time and increase the units of bread made in a workday, helping to increase overall profits.


Project Update

The women have been catering refreshments at local events, generating nearly $200 over the last three months. The women also sell their breads and pizza during town hall meetings, providing a solid customer base. The baking cylinder was purchased by another group, so the grant was used to purchase raw materials, supplies, and storage space. The Mayor has announced his support for the bakery and will provide the women with a new plot of land and donated materials to construct an expanded bakery in a more accessible location.



"People in town always ask me when I will be baking and they give me their orders. I feel so important knowing that my bread is expected each week by faithful clients!" - Alicia, Project Participant


"I am very excited to see what's happening down in Estanzuela. I like to see and support communities in action like them." - Osmin, Mayor of Estanzuela

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