Water For Sukamahela

Year: 2016
Country: Tanzania
Project Investment: $2,742.45
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Health

Project Launch: 6-9-16

In Sukamahela village, water is neither affordable nor accessible. Women and young girls wake up at 3am to begin the journey to fetch water, which can take 8+ hours, to the neighboring village, where prices are inflated and much higher than they can afford. This project will repair a broken water well in the village and add a hand pump to provide an affordable water access point, which will positively impact health, sanitation and hygiene and reduce time spent collecting water.

Progress Update: 9/9/2016

The windmill and hand pump have been entirely constructed, all ahead of schedule. There remain some logistical issues to be resolved before the project wraps up.

Final Report: 1/3/2017

The new water pump has brought water access to 2700 villagers who will no longer need to make two hour treks in search of water for their families' use. This has greatly reduced the stress and burden of women and girls who are responsible for fetching water in the region. The access to water will also reduce the incidence of illness and improve the villagers' health.


"Women and children no longer have to travel long distances to fetch water. They have more time for other tasks, and for kids this can mean studying or even going to school. I've witnessed children as young as 8 and women as old as 70 fetch water from this pump. It has significantly made an impact on their lives from my personal observation because I have seen it at it's worst, during a drought to now - we are in the dry season, but people are able to get water and afford it - there is a great sense of relief." - Ann, Peace Corps Volunteer

"I had to wake up at 3am to go to Solya (village) and wait in line all morning to fetch water. Now I can come any time (during the day) to the pump here in Sukamahela." - Project Beneficiary

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