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Agua in the Amazon

Selva Amazonica, Ecuador
  • $5,000 invested in a Kichwa community to install water collection and purification system
  • 300 people have access to clean water
  • Leveraged an additional $2,500 from local government to extend water system to households

Dollies for Dairy Farmers

San Pablito De Agualongo, Ecuador
  • $2,520 invested to build 20 dollies to help women dairy farmers transport 50 lbs. milk jugs
  • The women were originally carrying jugs on their backs 2 miles uphill
  • Time saved helped increase income from $2 to $12/woman per day
  • One woman used savings to launch a greenhouse, increasing her income 72x within 6 months
  • Healthier farmers with less chronic pain

Go Bananas

Chipata, Zambia
  • $750 invested in 15 HIV+ and marginalized farmers to integrate an improved banana varietal
  • The banana tissue culture grows to harvest in half the time
  • 72 families now producing the new banana varietal locally
  • Sold at 5x the price of the original varietal
  • Families earn as much as 24x/month more and can now pay school and medical fees, and invest in their farms

Mama Dunia

Rutsiro, Rwanda
  • $5,000 invested to establish a women-led bakery
  • $13,000 invested 5 years later to expand business
  • Employees doubled income to $2/day within 6 months and have maintained profitability for four years
  • Bakery’s revenue grew by 75x within 2 years
  • Opened 7 more bakeries in the region

Pigs To Profits

Nyarubare, Rwanda
  • $3,000 invested to buy 100 pigs
  • 33 additional piglets distributed to families experiencing extreme poverty
  • Pig manure increased bean harvests 3x
  • Significantly reduced child malnutrition
  • Pig, manure, and produce sales increased household income 7x, from $0.50/day to $4/day

Safety & Studies

Kitandilio, Tanzania
  • $9,500 invested to build girls dormitory at secondary school
  • 75% less absenteeism, as girls no longer have to travel long distances to school
  • 63% increase in study time
  • Students who live in dormitories are 35% more likely to pass national exams

Sew Independant

Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi
  • $3,000 invested to train refugees to sew and market products to become self-reliant
  • 5 participants have since secured jobs
  • 8 participants launched businesses
  • 4 participants became instructors to train another cohort of refugees
  • Participants are earning $40/month of new income on average

Strong Women

Sayausí, Ecuador
  • $500 invested to formalize indigenous Kichwa women’s cooperative
  • Earned 11x World Connect’s investment in first year of operation
  • $2,800 invested one year later to help expand services
  • Women increased income 45% on average
  • Established savings and loans group with 44 contributing members
  • Leveraged $8,000 in local resources to expand economic opportunities for women
  • Members reported a decrease in domestic violence with the women’s new economic power

Water For Daughters

Mtema, Malawi
  • $6,300 to install borehole within one month
  • Clean and potable water for 1,200 people
  • No cases of waterborne illnesses 1.5 years post-completion
  • 15 girls re-enrolled in school no longer missing class to walk miles to wait in line for safe water

Women Gain Skills

Nairobi, Kenya
  • $9,500 invested to equip 110 young women with business skills
  • 50% of participants secured full-time employment immediately after training
  • Most earning $110/month, 2x higher than the national average income for women
  • Nine participants launched their own businesses