Benches for Community Health Outreach Posts

Year: 2015
Country: Zambia
Project Investment: $420.00
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Health

Project Launch: 2-11-16

The Livingstone Health District covers health services and treatment for 167,000 people. The District has one hospital and 21 health clinics, plus additional rural health outreach posts scattered throughout the District. Many of these health outreach posts are under-funded, and some even lack basic furniture. This project will provide locally crafted benches to several health posts, so that patients no longer have to stand for many hours while waiting to be seen.

Final Report: 5/13/16

With the assistance of a local carpenter, 74 benches were made, which is 14 more than originally planned. Over the next few weeks, the benches will be distributed to 19 health clinics in the district, with each clinic receiving around 4 benches.


"I am very happy about the benches. We are starting a Youth Friendly Corner (program) and now we have a place for the youth to sit!" - Michael, Project Participant

"I feel it will be a successful program and we are hoping it will help improve the attendance of mothers at care. It is helping us look not just at the services, but also at the environment where they are delivered- a new twist in thinking." - Evelyn, Project Leader

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