Completion of a High School Laboratory

Year: 2012
Country: Kenya
Project Investment: $4,355.00
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Education

Project Launch:

Educators at the Kaurine Secondary School in Kiengu, Maua understand the importance of practical science education for the school's 280 students. Without it, many students cannot pass the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination. The exam is given in English, which is the third language for most students, and without a passing grade, students cannot pursue higher education. The school embarked upon the construction of a school science laboratory in 2011 but due to rising costs of fuel and food in Kenya, they had to reallocate a portion of the lab project's funds to sustain their important school feeding program. With a grant from World Connect, the school will be able to complete the science lab and, for the first time, incorporate practical science education into the daily studies of their students.