Developing the Capacity of Successful Women Artisans

Year: 2013
Country: Peru
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $500.00

Project Launch:

This project is a collaboration with an all-women association that was created in October of 2012 in the community of San Pablo in Peru. The association consists of 25 women artisans who work in the areas of crochet, knitting and weaving. The women participate in various regional fairs, selling some products, and they have been trained to use a traditional weaving machine and new technology, such as social media. Through this training, they have a new customer base emerging, but right now they do not have proper machinery to keep up with the increasing demand.

This project will provide women with a new "telar" (weaving machine) that they need for their business to take off, helping them become more independent and more able to support their families. The goal is also to help women gain confidence and skills to be leaders in their community, while improving the local economy.

Project Update

The loom was purchased and the women are using it to make new designs. The women participated in workshops led by local artisans, as well as completed a 15-session business entrepreneurship class, where they learned how to develop a business plan. By having their own personal loom, the association’s efficiency has increased. The women are growing as local entrepreneurs and are developing a catalog to sell their products online.


This project was the recipient of the 2014 Charlotte Daniel Award, which provided the women artisans an additional $5,000 to increase their capacity and advance their business.



"When we start developing products with the loom, things will change for us and for the community because they will come to know the work we are doing and that there is a group of women working on the old-fashioned weaving loom and bringing back the culture of our ancestors. The quality of the work will help us sustain our families." - Araceli, Project Participant


“We have learned to value ourselves.” – Lelis, Project Leader