San Vicente Youth Disaster Risk Reduction Training

Year: 2016
Country: Philippines
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $3,057.37

Project Launch: 6-16-16

Being close to the equator, the Philippines is prone to earthquakes and typhoons, and with increasing global temperatures, these storms are getting stronger and more frequent. In response, the local municipalities are beginning to construct evacuation centers but there still remains a knowledge gap at the community level regarding how to best prepare for large storms. This project will launch a 3-day training where 60 youth from nine barangays in San Vicente will be trained on Disaster Risk Reduction to learn how to prepare, respond and bounce back after a natural disaster. The youth will create their own evacuation plans and share strategies with their families and classmates to increase safety and reduce the feeling of helplessness before and after a natural disaster.

Progress Update: 9/6/2016

The venue for the training has been selected and the final roster of students has been finalized. Life packs, which are to be distributed to each ward leader, have also been secured.

Final Report: 9/9/2016

The training event was executed, reaching over some 1200 beneficiaries both directly and indirectly. Local village leaders and youth have been trained in how to adequately respond to disasters and reduce disaster-associated mortality.


"We encouraged the female youth to be team leaders. Apart of the training sessions included Gender Mainstreaming during the disaster and showed a video about the importance of a women role during a disaster. Majority of the participants of the training were young girls totaling 34. Women are important in the community and should have a voice and active participation during a disaster." - Keitoya, Peace Corps Volunteer

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