GLOW Camp for Empowering Girls!

Year: 2017
Country: Panama
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $2,472.83

Project Launch: 11-14-17

In January 2018, Panama will host its first GLOW Camp for Empowering Girls, where over 18 Panamanian female women and girls representing 7 provinces will come together in Nata de Los Caballeros for a three-day camp exploring the themes of health, self-esteem, gender, leadership, and volunteerism. GLOW Camp is a powerful tool for promoting women’s rights, gender equality, and health in Panama, and this three-day camp will feature interactive group activities facilitated by Peace Corps Volunteers collaborating with Panamanian counterparts.

Project Update: 1-8-18

To date, the GLOW Committee has finalized participants' attendance and has established a timeline for spending and buying materials for the camp. The schedule has been reviewed and finalized by the project leader and two Peace Corps Volunteers. Recent work concerns implementing the GLOW model in the curriculum, but most importantly, ensuring the camp will serve the specific needs of Panamanian girls in a culturally appropriate manner.

Final Report: 3-16-18

14 adolescent girls participated in the three-day camp meant to be both fun and educational. Throughout the camp, the participants were able to meet new peers from surrounding communities and establish friendships. The camp was facilitated by 6 Peace Corps Volunteers, one Panamanian, and a health and wellness representative from the United States. All the participants came from the province of Cocle. Through games, activities, and sessions, the girls learned about HIV/AIDS, gender, leadership, healthy relationships, self-esteem, and develop a life plan for the future.

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