Khnach Romeas Commune Primary Schools and Health Center Water Well Project

Year: 2015
Country: Cambodia
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $10,901.10

Project Launch: 12-18-15

Lack of potable water and sanitation is one of the biggest issues affecting the health of children across the Khnach Romeas commune, a rural farming community in northwest Cambodia. This project will lead to the installation of new wells, water storage capacity, and hand-washing stations at eight primary schools and the community health center. Students, teachers and community members will participate in hand-washing workshops and learn how to make their own hand-washing stations out of local materials. This project will provide water for basic needs such as drinking, sanitation, hygiene, and irrigating vegetable gardens.

Project Update: 5-19-16

There is a ton of excitement buzzing within the Khnach Romeas commune about this project. Teachers and staff from the eight primary schools actively participated in workshops focused on germ theory and the importance of handwashing, and once the wells have been completed, they will hold monthly, educational handwashing sessions at each primary school. The health center staff also participated in similar workshops and have already replicated the workshops in seven of the villages, where community members have successfully created their own handwashing stations crafted with local materials. The well at the health center is up and running, allowing health center staff to wash their hands before and after they interact with patients. Over the next few weeks, the wells will be excavated, piped, and completed at the eight primary schools. This project comes at a critical time as water scarcity continues to threaten the health of the commune and limits the productivity of the health center.

Final Report: 7-13-16

All nine wells in eight primary schools and one health center were successfully excavated and the water resources were properly installed. Three germ and handwashing workshops were held in the duration of the project. There was an incredibly high turnout at the workshops and everyone who was invited came with the exception of one teacher who was ill. Students and teachers learned how to properly wash their hands and were educated about germs. The project ran into some minor setbacks, particularly in one community where the local well specialist hired for this project was unable to excavate a well due to unanticipated layers of rock. With the aid of a slightly larger community contribution and a specialist with stronger machinery, the community was able to complete the project and achieve its goals.

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