Live the History - Berat

Year: 2016
Country: Albania
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $1,151.39

Project Launch: 3-31-16

This project aims to enhance educational opportunities for students in Puka by organizing a class field trip to the city of Berat to visit historical castles and museums to learn more about Albania’s culture and history. After the field trip, students will present about what they learned, providing an opportunity to reflect on the experience and share with their peers.

Final Update: 5/20/16

The field trip was a huge success! Over the course of a day, students were able to explore a historical part of the country that many had never been to, or even heard of before. Following the visit, students created posters to reflect on their experience and shed light on the historical significance of Berat. As a result of all the positive feedback, the school aims to include additional field trips and excursions into the curriculum.


"Thank you for this experience. I have lived my life and never visited the historical city of Berat. It was special for me and my students. It was very nice to see my students excited and learning." - Vera, Project Participant

"Berat is a city full of value. It has extraordinary traditions and I will not forget the visit to the castle. I hope I will go back one day.
" - Ledi, 13, Project Participant

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