Mnyigumba Secondary School Girls Dormitory

Year: 2016
Country: Tanzania
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $7,023.81

Project Launch:

As part of Let Girls Learn, a U.S. government initiative to improve access to girls’ education around the world, this project will allow the Mnyigumba Secondary School to build a dormitory, providing a safe and supportive boarding environment for 56 young girls. As a result of this project, students will no longer have to commute on long and dangerous paths to and from school, and will have more time to focus on their academic performance, placing education as a top priority.

Progress Update: 1/23/2017

With the collaboration of the students and the headmistress in the construction effort, the foundation of the new dormitory has been laid. At this point, the focus is on fashioning and erecting the building's exterior walls which will gradually give the structure its underlying shape.


"I am very happy with the project!  I am very grateful for the financial support so that we can finally build a dormitory for our girls - something we have needed for many years. Thank you." - Madame Mville, Project Leader

"I will be very happy to live in the girls dormitory.  It will be cheaper for my family.  It will be better than the house where I live now.  We have 11 students of which 4 are boys but they have their own rooms.  When we live in the dormitory we will have more time to study and not have someone bothering us all the time." - Dorice, Project Participant