Music Class

Year: 2014
Country: El Salvador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $2,000.00

Project Launch:

In the community of Juan Las Minas, there is only one soccer field in which youth can go and play together. Without other options, youth are limited in their opportunities to play and participate in team building exercises. This project aims to improve and expand the arts and extra curricular activities in the community by expanding the music program at the local school. In addition to the community benefits of having a safe space to congregate, music opens up creative outlets for children, and empowers them to try new skills. Currently, there is only access to a clarinet and a guitar at the school. This project will allow students to gain access to numerous other instruments as well as clear instructions on them how to play them.


Project Update

40 students participated in the music program and either played a percussion instrument, string instrument, or the clarinet. Many of the students also sang. The school developed a band called the "Blue Notes," which is comprised of a bass guitar, guitar, keyboard, singer, drum set and tambourine. The band has become an essential piece of every school presentation, celebration and school week, and many students often use all their free time to come and practice their instrument. The Blue Notes had a successful performance at the Independence Festival and can't wait to perform in other festivals.


Julio, the school Director, and Marisol, a 13 year old student, came to New York for World Connect's 1000 Projects Celebration in October, 2014. Marisol had the opportunity to showcase her skills by performing for a crowd of 300+ guests. Watch Marisol's amazing performance with Maya Azucena here.



"I have always liked to play the drums but only had the opportunity once a year. When we got the drum set and started the music program I could play more often. Music is my passion." - Juan, Project Participant


"I do not enjoy sports as much as I enjoy the arts. I finally have something that fits my passions" - Evelyn, Project Participant


"The knowledge of an instrument is a life-long skill for a person. The parades and music festivals are a benefit to the community. It makes everyone happy. It was a fantastic experience to see such a great project in the school and to travel to New York. I had a fantastic time while there and was so happy that Marisol had the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. The music program is a dream become reality. The students have learned so much." - Julio, Project Leader


"I had a fun time in New York. It was a once in a life time experience for me. The music program in the school has allowed me to make new friends who also like to play instruments. It gives me an opportunity to express myself as a person." - Marisol, Project Participant

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