The Musical Maracas of La Tejera

Year: 2011
Country: El Salvador
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $497.75

Project Launch:

The Musical Maracas Project supported an enthusiastic and dedicated group of 25 young men and women in La Tejera, Morazán in El Salvador. The group possessed a small collection of donated musical instruments and resources, which they used to perform at community functions, at local school events, while visiting the elderly and at a variety of religious events. They also regularly promoted music appreciation and gave guitar and singing classes to interested youth in the community. The group’s small and worn musical collection limited the group’s ability to reach, include and involve new members. With support from World Connect’s Kids to Kids Program, the Musical Maraca Project worked with young people to update, improve and expand the current music collection, allowing the group to build upon current performances and activities and expand outreach to other youth and the community at large. The Musical Maracas Project benefited the members of the youth group, the youth of La Tejera and the youth of surrounding communities by providing a fun and educational club and opportunity for learning about and enjoying music, for practicing leadership and community service and by providing a safe and productive afterschool activity that challenges and encourages members to grow and give back to their communities.

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