Nsondole Mother Support Group Sewing Enterprise

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $1,688.51

Project Launch: 8-5-20

With this World Connect grant, the Nsondole Mother Support Group will launch a business producing and selling uniforms and reusable sanitary pads. After renovating their working space, they will purchase sewing machines and start up materials. The grant will also support the group in hiring a facilitator for business management trainings. The mothers plan to use their income to support 200 girls from low-income families with reusable sanitary pads, uniforms, and other scholastic materials. Furthermore, the Mother Support Group aims to set an example for other women in the community, encouraging others to support girls education and to pursue business ventures which many consider traditionally masculine. 

Final Report: 1-31-22

Magret Magombo, a Corps Africa, and Nsondole Mother Support Group rolled out a tailoring training for 21 mother group members from Nsondole Primary and Secondary schools in Zomba. Using $1,688.51 grant funds, the group renovated a workspace and bought 5 sewing machines, scissors, oil, sewing threads and pieces of cloth. The project timeline closed before the training was fully completed and started bearing any impact. Therefore, apart from gaining little knowledge in basics of design and tailoring, the women are yet to see the impact of the project.  The community group hopes that it will  continue to practice and use the skills to impact the girls as planned.