Project 30-30-30

Year: 2017
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $4,765.71

Project Launch: 8-11-17

Minna is a city located in the Nigerian interior in Niger State. With a local population of over 300,000, less than half of Minna's residents are literate and most women have not completed high school. High rates of poverty in excess of 60% further complicate the ability of individuals leverage skills to maintain sustainable livelihoods. 

The Aspilos Foundation seeks to change this reality, particularly for Nigerian women. In Minna, they hope to train and empower 30 women-led small businesses in the space of 30 days such that their income base can be increased by 30%. By strengthening the capacity of local women-led businesses, women in Minna can develop the necessary social and economic capacity to transform life for their families and their communities.

Project Update: 4-25-18

The first cohort of 30 female micro business owners has been trained. They have completed the four training modules in digital literacy and marketing, financial literacy & personal finance management, basic business bookkeeping, and customer service and business development/marketing. At this stage, participants will be evaluated to gauge the implementation of the skills they have acquired.

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