Promoting child friendly learning at Namatapa full primary school, Zomba Rural District

Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $4,272.73

Project Launch: 5-14-21

Using $4,272.73, Chisomo Group will renovate a classroom block at Namatapa Primary School that was heavily affected by the ripple effects of tropical Cyclone Idai and the Tropical Cyclone Chalane. The impacts of the cyclones rendered the classroom block unsafe to use, prompting students to learn under trees due to lack of adequate classrooms. The renovations will include flooring, plastering, fitting a new roof and windows to provide optimal security to students and create a conducive environment for learning to over 160 students currently learning outside. 

Project Update: 7-20-21

Exactly two months after receiving the $4,272.73 grant from World Connect, Chisomo Group led by Gomezgani Ng’ambi has reached 70% of the set project activities towards the completion of the single classroom block at Namatapa Primary School in Zomba.  100 learners have already started using the classroom even though it is not fully completed confirming the high need for classroom space at the school.  The school has reported a 70% reduction in student’s absenteeism to date which will definitely lead to improvements in performance at the end of the school calendar term. The progress is proof that the project will be completed ahead of the schedule.

Final Report: 1-31-22

Chisomo Group successfully renovated a dilapidated classroom block at Namatapa Full Primary School in Zomba between May and October 2021. Using $ 4, 272.73 grant funds, they fixed the floor, installed windows, roofed, and painted the classroom. They also fitted the classroom with a new blackboard. After completing construction works, they furnished it with thirty (30) desks. Currently, the renovated classroom accommodates 104 standard six learners who were learning under a tree due to shortage of classes and on rainy days, classes were suspended indefinitely. Provision of safe learning space has helped to reduce absenteeism by forty-six (46) percent among female learners and twenty-three (23) percent among male learners in the class.

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