Sawali Reforestation Project

Year: 2018
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $611.11

Project Launch: 12-23-18

Moringa olifera is a fast-growing tree that tolerates drought and is very important where there is a danger of undernutrition because its leaves contain protein, essential minerals, and vitamins. The protein content is equal almost that of a chicken egg. It can be eaten fresh or cooked as vegetables. The leaves can also be used for water purification when the leaves are dried and the powder can be used to treat maize and other crops during post-harvest storage. The seeds of moringa could be used as a medicinal drink to increase immunity and can be sold to improve economic empowerment. For this reason, the community of Chikololele sees this plant as a viable pathway for its own development.

Project Update: 2-19-19

With $611.11 in funding, the community has procured moringa seedlings and watering cans and trained 25 club members and 54 households in moringa production. Community clubs have planted 1,200 seedlings in their woodlots and 50 trees around households. More than 60 members of the community are expected to benefit economically from the sale of moringa leaves and seeds and other community members will benefit indirectly by using moringa as a food supplement.

Final Report: 2-10-20

The community organization planted 3,250 Moringa seedlings out of which 2,503 have survived and are growing well, representing a 77% survival rate. Communities are expected to start benefiting from the sale of moringa seeds this year as the trees have started bearing fruit already. Twenty-five community members were trained in agroforestry management and 28 households and four youth groups are involved in maintaining the moringa forest. Together members are identifying potential markets for the moringa seed.



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