Slum Art

Year: 2021
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $5,456.20

Project Update:

The Slum At project is taking place in the Gangara (Orisunbare community) in lagos, Nigeria. This community is built on a swamp accommodating over 20,000 families and with a primarily mixed culture from both the Hausa and Yoruba tribes of Nigeria. The community being home to slums and many under-privileged persons is primarily overpopulated by low-income earners in Lagos state who cannot afford the basic human need for decent homes within the Lagos metropolis.Less than 5% of these families have access to in-house toilet facilities and only 3'mushroom'schools can be found in this community. As a result of the nature of the community, Slum Art aims to build a create an educational monument using pet bottles to mentor and build up creative art talents of underserved children in this community. Slum Art has a five-year framework to give a voice of hope to young people and equip them with the right artistic skills/tools to help reduce poverty over a long-term period. The school will be a creative house for digital literacy and give gainful empowerment in the Ijora Bariga Community. Through this project, the organization will be touching the lives of over 2,000 underserved children living in Ijora Badia, by creating a platform where creative talents can be developed while on completion of the Pet bottle school. In addition, the school will create an opportunity for mentoring, academic assistance, life skills, and skill acquisition (i.e. fashion designing/tailoring, photography, and woodwork.

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