Tsalani Classroom Block

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $8,697.76

Project Launch: 8-8-19

The Tsalani Primary School Management Committee will construct a classroom block for 120 primary school students who are currently using makeshift classrooms. This infrastructure project will allow the school to accommodate an additional two grade levels. This will reduce the distance children have to walk to school, for some up to 5 kilometers, and allow children to have safe access to quality education. With this distance barrier eliminated, it is expected that drop out rates, particularly among female students, will go down.

Project Update: 10-14-19

Implemented in partnership with CorpsAfrica, Tsalani Primary School Management Committee is constructing a two roomed classroom block to reduce distances young children travel to the nearest school for classes five and six not currently available at Tsalani. Three months after funding, the block is roofed, plastered and floored.  A total of 196 students in standards three and four will be using the new classroom block. The committee is remaining with construction of drainage and painting to complete the project. All materials needed to complete the block have been procured and are ready. Once completed and in use, the project will lead to increased enrollment and improved performance as children will be walking short distances enabling them to study while fresh

Final Report:

The Tsalani School Management Committee, with guidance from a CorpsAfrica Volunteer, completed the construction of a two-roomed classroom block at Tsalani Primary School in Balaka District. With the new classroom block, the school has added an additional grade level (Standard Five) and enrolled 99 students who would otherwise have to travel eight kilometers one way to the nearest school. Once the government allocates more teachers, the same block will accommodate Standard Six students, providing opportunity for students to continue their education in the same environment. The community is excited as the school also serves as the center for all development activities for two villages.

The coming of this project has improved education standards and advanced safety needs of our children at Tsalani primary school as well as reduced dropout rates especially for standard four children as they could not manage to walk 8 kilometers one way to the next school. Thank you CorpsAfrica and World Connect.” Chief Tsalani