Women's Economic Empowerment

Year: 2019
Country: Albania
Project Status: Unfunded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Investment Needed: $822.53
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Project Launch: 5-31-19

Qendra Mjedisore për Studime dhe Zbatime is a community-based organization in Librazhd, Albania working to provide economic opportunities for women. Through their first World Connect grant, the organization carried out a 12-week course on entrepreneurship providing participants with skills in cooking, knitting, and butchery. They learned how to track finances, market their products, and position themselves for leadership in the community.

The goal of this project is to support women in building their professional networks and businesses. Weekly meetings will include presentations on participants' successful endeavors, workshops, and brainstorming sessions. The women will also collaborate with local organizations, NGOs, and local governments to strengthen their voice and access to economic opportunities in the community. Participants from the initial group will mentor new members and other women in the community. 

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