Youth for the Future Volleyball Vacation!

Year: 2009
Country: Belize
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $500.00

Project Launch:

A $498 grant from World Connect’s Kids to Kids program in 2009 provided materials for a volleyball sports camp that was followed by a volleyball tournament. The camp reached urban and rural youth, developed volleyball coaches and teams in Orange Walk, Belize, and created a sustainable network of volleyball teams that continue to compete after the camp. The camp included a clinic on basic volleyball skills, official rules, how to make a volleyball court, how to referee games, leadership development, and coaching techniques. Instruction was provided by Peace Corps volunteers and volunteers from the local youth organizations provided instruction, coordination, and managed the camp. Instructors noticed that kids who participated in the camp started very shy and nervous, but ended camp participating and confident enough to play on a co-ed team in the tournament.

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