A Focus on Family Planning in Lafond

Year: 2014
Country: Haiti
Project Investment: $15,000.00
Project Status: Funded
Sector: Health

Project Launch: 11-27-14

Teenage girls in the community of Lafond and the surrounding areas lack knowledge of sexual and reproductive health. As a result, they are vulnerable to early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, both of which can severely harm their soecioeconomic prospects.  Teenage girls are not familiar with the services that are available to them at the health center to help them manage their sexual life. This pilot project will address the needs of 100 girls living in the area. Participants will develop knowledge about reproductive health in order for them to avoid teen pregnancy and STIs.In addition, this project will support teens in their studies and encourage them to develop some skills to improve their chances of earning sustainable income.  Two tutors and one sewing instructor will be hired to accompany the girls in their educational needs or to provide them with skills that will allow them to engage in income generating activities.

Project Update:

A number of information sessions led by a local nurse on sexual and reproductive health greatly improved comprehension among the participating girls. An income generation activity based on sewing was also very popular.

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